A Small Orange Affiliate ProgramA Small Orange’s affiliate program closed its doors on December 31, 2016 – meaning all commissions from referred links will no longer be counted. In the same way that the Arvixe affiliate program closed, EIG-owned hosts seem to be consolidating down to just a few hosts with affiliate programs.

The email sent out by ASO recommends HostGator’s affiliate program, but depending on your traffic there may be some better paying and converting offers for your hosting affiliate traffic. I have a full post of the highest paying hosting affiliate programs but I’ve included my 3 highest converting options below.

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tl;dr WP Engine ($200+ per signup) & A2 Hosting ($85-140 per signup).
Check out my full WP Engine affiliate program review.

2017 Update: I’ve removed Arvixe as they shut down their program in October 2016 and updated the list of hosts I’m actively running campaigns for!

The web hosting industry has some of the most lucrative affiliate programs online, but not all are created equally. As a long time hosting affiliate, I’ve worked with quite a few of them in my time. These are some of the best hosting affiliate programs I have worked with and trust the most – and it just so happens that a lot of them lead the industry in payouts.

Google North Carolina Datacenter

A row of server racks in Google’s N. Carolina data center

Having dealt with a lot of hosts, I know the difference between good and bad companies. Wonky payout schedules, crazy amounts of shaved leads and horrible customer support/end-user experience.. been there, done that. I recommend that if you’re going to promote a company you get a real feel for how they work. Go through the sign-up process, bug their support department with some simple questions to see how quickly/accurately they respond – you want to get a feel for the true end user experience so you can represent them well.

So lets cut to the chase, here are my top hosting affiliate program recommendations. I go into details with each host further down, but I know you’re busy.
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IMPORTANT UPDATE: The Arvixe affiliate program has officially been shutdown as of October 2016. It is not possible to sign up anymore.

As an alternative to Arvixe I recommend A2 Hosting’s affiliate program. Please check my full list of the best hosting affiliate programs for other recommendations.

Arvixe Affiliate Program

As a long time web hosting affiliate, I’m always on the lookout for better hosts to recommend, higher payouts and a good overall experience as an affiliate. In the past year I’ve felt like I finally ‘found a good one’ with the Arvixe affiliate program.
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One of the questions I get the most often on my best hosting affiliate programs post is “What’s the best hosting affiliate program with residual income?” I understand the appeal of collecting recurring commissions for a hosting referral but my answer is almost always: don’t, just don’t even bother.

If you’re not familiar with the hosting affiliate space, almost all of the big players offer one-time commissions with a standard 30-60 day lock-in period. What this means is you only get paid once for a referral as long as they stick around for 2-3 months.

The major benefit to this type of program is the commissions, you can easily see $100-$200+ payouts for a single referral. The downside is obviously that it’s only one-time, but that’s okay.. and here’s why: Continue reading →

A few years ago I was looking for some solid WordPress hosting for one of my clients, I eventually came across WP Engine and it seemed like a good fit. That client is still using WP Engine and a couple years ago I added them to my rotation of hosting affiliate programs that I promote, definitely a good decision as it continues to be one of my top earners to this day.

The WP Engine affiliate program is one of the most lucrative and highest paying programs out there for the price point they hit. The program is managed through ShareASale which is fairly easy to use, the approval process was quick from what I can remember (it has been a couple years since I joined), if you’re based in the US your application should be auto approved (ShareASale has it marked as auto approve for US-based affiliates).
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