Arvixe Affiliate Program Review – $135 per sale

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The Arvixe affiliate program has officially been shutdown as of October 2016. It is not possible to sign up anymore.

As an alternative to Arvixe I recommend A2 Hosting’s affiliate program. Please check my full list of the best hosting affiliate programs for other recommendations.

Arvixe Affiliate Program

As a long time web hosting affiliate, I’m always on the lookout for better hosts to recommend, higher payouts and a good overall experience as an affiliate. In the past year I’ve felt like I finally ‘found a good one’ with the Arvixe affiliate program.

What is Arvixe?

Arvixe is a large web hosting company specializing in mostly shared web hosting, but offer Reseller, VPS and Dedicated servers as well. What I really liked about Arvixe is that their offers and quality actually beat out a lot of the big players in the space (such as Hostgator, Bluehost and so on).

A lot of affiliates look at the payouts but don’t look at how the brand presents itself, their unique selling proposition, or the bonuses they offer to customers. When you’re picking a hosting company to promote you truly have to look at them like a new customer – and I strongly recommend you become a customer so you know what you’re promoting.

It Converts!

The reason I’ve put Arvixe’s affiliate program leagues above the hostgators and bluehosts of the world is because it CONVERTS. Out of all the hosts I’ve promoted in my 7+ years of affiliate marketing, traffic going through an Arvixe affiliate link converts more than any of the others. My conversion rate has been as high as 10%, meaning 1 in 10 clicks can earn me $135, on some campaigns.

Why does Arvixe convert so high? Because their offer is a little bit different. Arvixe offers a higher quality service and has lower pricing ($4/mo) than most of the competition – before coupon codes, so it goes even lower – and they throw in a Free Domain Name to top it all off.

Now that you know Arvixe converts, lets get into the details..

Commissions – How much do they pay?

Arvixe works on a tiered scale, as do most other hosts these days, meaning that the more sales you make – the higher your commission will be for ALL sales. So what does this look like?

1-6 Sales per Month = $70/sale
7-12 Sales per Month = $90/sale
13-19 Sales per Month = $115/sale
19+ Sales per Month = $135/sale

To explain more clearly how this works.. if you refer 6 sales in a month you’ll make $420 (6 sales x $70/sale), but if you refer 7 sales in a month you’ll make $630 (7 sales x $90/sale).

Payout Schedule – When do I get paid?

Payouts are delayed, as they are with pretty much every web hosting affiliate program, to prevent fraud. Payouts are held for 60 days before they’re released. After 60 days you can request payout, or wait for the automatic payout at the beginning of the next month.

I’ve always been paid on time, and the one time I had an issue I just shot a quick email over to my affiliate manager and the issue was sorted out quickly. My ‘issue’ was that silly me forgot to fill out the tax form. I quickly filled it out and sent it back and my payment went through a few minutes after that.

Why Affiliates Love Arvixe

There’s a huge difference between a company that cares about it’s affiliates and one that doesn’t. Arvixe cares, for real. A few things they offer affiliates:

  • Dedicated affiliate manager (Noah – he’s a great guy)
  • Instant commission notifications (once someone has paid for their account, you get a notification of a pending affiliate payout)
  • Custom affiliate coupon codes (the coupon SparkProfits gets you 20% off, but also earns me a commission – with or without a click)
  • Quick payouts via Paypal (no waiting for a check to be mailed)
  • Easy to use affiliate interface (iDevAffiliate platform, simple – but works great)

It’s the little things that count, especially after you’ve spent years dealing with non-responsive affiliate managers and have to chase people for payouts. Arvixe has been a refreshing change.

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

Arvixe comes to about as perfect as you can get. My only gripe would be the 60 day wait, as I wish they could make this a bit shorter – but I understand completely why they need to do it.

Head over to Arvixe and check them out. They have a great product, a great team and they care about their affiliates – offering some of the highest payouts for shared hosting at just $4/mo with a free domain name, guaranteed to convert higher than the other guys.

Join the Arvixe Affiliate Program Here
Arvixe has officially shutdown their affiliate program.
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